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IGI demo of head mounted display VR at Autodesk University

IGI Virtual reality

Virtual Reality Environments

Virtual Reality (VR) is the integration of Advanced Visualization technologies in order to synthesize or replace reality with a computer-generated environment. IGI custom designs virtual reality environments with head mounted display (HMD) technology and motion tracking that can be used in conjunction with other IGI systems.

With Virtual Reality Environments, the user is presented with a 3D-stereo, computer-generated display created by interactive software. To increase the level of immersion, the user is able to use gloves or hand-held devices that can be seen in the model as any object or tool versus a regular mouse and keyboard. The user’s view, body, and any hand held objects or controllers are tracked in 3D allowing the immersed user to interact with the computer-generated environment more naturally.

Advanced Visualization VR

Virtual reality environments can be integrated with a multiple-sided VR Room System or PowerWall. Advanced Visualization VR systems include sensory information and even sound when appropriate. Sensory information via hand-held objects provides haptic, or tactile information known as force feedback in medical, video gaming and military training applications. This haptic feedback allows the user to feel the parts of a model through the sense of touch with vibration, and other sensations. In Automotive Design Virtual Reality these hand-held objects are seen by the user as a flashlight, micrometer, oil filter wrench or any other tool.

HMDs are typically head-mounted goggles with two small displays, one for each eye, to generate depth perception, and a 3D spatial tracking system to track the position and orientation of an immersed user’s head and any hand or object within the software model. The computer generated environment is rendered in real time (30+ frames per second). Integrating one or more HMD’s into an advanced visualization system provides a more immersive and life-like environment to evaluate data. Learn more about the right virtual reality solution for your organization on our frequently asked questions page

Wide Range of Uses

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Automotive Engineering and Design
  • Aerospace Engineering and Design
  • Flight Simulators, Combat Training
  • Scientific Research
  • Simulation, Training & Teaching
  • Healthcare Telepresence
  • Architectural Design & Walkthrough

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automotive virtual reality experience at Autodesk university
rendered aerospace model high resolution cube wall
IGI custom fabrication powerwindow automotive interior
virtual reality automotive engine system rendering
IGI laser powerwall automotive rendering cutaway
Ford Mustang interior 4K projection powerwall
VR immersed user inspecting rendered automotive model
IGI powerwall 4K stereo VR automotive rendering
nissan woman virtual reality goggles automotive visualization
virtual reality automotive engineer CAD rendering HD VR
SIGGRAPH emerging technologies 4K laser powerwall VR