needs assessment

Automobile engineering and Advanced Visualization


To effectively assess what solution will bring an organization to the next level, IGI conducts a thorough needs assessment prior to the development of any proposal for a solution.  This starts with listening.  Sitting down together to understand what the customer understands about advanced visualization services and how they are used in their organization.  Especially for new customers, it is important for IGI to know a customer's current understanding of visualization and how they use it in their workflow.

Things to assess:

  • History of customer utilization of visualization
  • How visualization is used by the customer in several areas
    • Design process
    • Engineering process
    • Marketing process
    • Collaboration and communication

With nearly 20 years' experience helping customers with large scale, ultra-high resolution advanced visualization services we can educate customers on how world class environments are using visualization today.

Once a thorough understanding of how the customer utilizes visualization, we learn where the customer wants visualization to be in their process and where improvements can be made.  At this points it also important to know what limitations exist: budget, space, the overall acceptance of visualization within the organization and any push-back they may encounter.  With that understood, an open discussion about the types of technology is available to fulfill the needs from a budget, space and technical expertise perspective.

Looking for Visualization Services?

If an organization has never done visualization, but has a strong team of designers and engineers they are positioned to learn how to leverage their capabilities in collaboration and decision making.  More experienced environments will begin to look at sophisticated leading edge solutions to push their workflows further

The worst thing is to sell and integrate an advanced visualization system that a company never uses.  Having a comprehensive and thorough Needs Assessment step in our process helps to prevent that scenario from happening.  The primary goal of this step in the IGI Process is to provide the proper technology at the correct budget and space requirements to fulfill the current needs of the customer.