IGI custom design 3D projection CAVE rendering

Audio-Visual Design

Our process starts with a thorough initial consultation to fully understand the specific customer requirements. We then conduct a preliminary engineering exploration and a technical proof of concept followed by a comprehensive site survey to gather all the pertinent information to begin AV design.

Comprehensive Site Survey

We take many factors into consideration, such as projection and viewing room sizes, existing systems, facility construction, HVAC and electrical infrastructure, audio and communications needs, seating requirement, lighting, accessibility and user ergonomics to optimize system performance.

Full System Visualization

We use SolidWorks parametric solid modeling software to design all optics, structures and facilities. This enables us to efficiently conceptualize, change and finalize designs to meet specific customer needs. We also take advantage of various collaboration tools such as high definition video conferencing and WebEx to communicate ideas and share project content with customers.

Industry Standard

We draw upon our years of technical expertise and follow the latest industry best practices and standards including ISO, OSHA, NEMA, ANSI, UL, SMPTE, EIA and CTS to ensure the overall safety and quality of the IGI systems. Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced optical, mechanical and electrical engineers, and CTS certified designers collaborate on and validate each and every design before proceeding to the build phase.