IGI PowerWindow is the ideal large scale, immersive, bezel-less, ultra-high resolution display system used to present, view and collaborate via high-performance interactions with data when there is a need for mobility to use the system in more than one location, or when a permanent installation is not feasible due to room size, budget or facility constraints. IGI PowerWindow incorporates the most innovative LED technology with walls capable of 4K and 3D stereo for a captivating viewing experience.

Visualization On the Go

IGI PowerWindow is designed with complete ease of handling in mind without compromising image quality. Each IGI PowerWindow is custom designed to customer specifications, and the LED walls can be built with single-sided or double-sided display areas, and straight or curved.

Screen sizes can exceed 20' wide or more and are designed to be able to be moved throughout a facility, or within a specific room for flexible use. All of the electronic components and workstation are located in the base of the system, out of view, and protected. Pixel pitches as tight as .8mm for extremely fine visualization use by design and engineering teams. Overall resolution can be HD, 4K, 8K and beyond.

IGI has tested the portability and have proven design features that make moving the portable LED system simple for 2 individuals.

Entire system is designed, fabricated, and tested onsite at IGI facilities before delivery to the customer. Final products are shipped ready for use after configuration onsite at customer location. This reduces the need for any internal customer facility work other than having an adequate power supply to plug into.

Wide Range of Uses

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Collaboration
  • Design and Engineering Reviews
  •  Training Centers
  •  Film Dailies
  •  Presentations
  •  Consumer Research Projects
  •  R&D Applications
  • Virtual Production Studios
  • On-Site Marketing Events

See PowerWindow Image Gallery Below: 


IGI Mobile Curved Sony Crystal LED Wall-3
IGI Mobile Curved Sony Crystal LED Wall-2