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Los Angeles, CA

With TV and film production as its claim to fame, it’s no surprise there’s a major market for advanced visualization solutions in the Los Alamitos and Los Angeles metro area. Home to MGM Studios, Sony’s Columbia Pictures and many others, the city has been the site of production of award-winning, iconic films and television shows.

Today, Los Alamitos offers a mix of industries that employ people anywhere from the city’s own 12,000+ residents to the neighboring Los Angeles area population of more than 3.9 million. Those industries include corporate, scientific, tech services, healthcare & social assistance, and educational services.

Whether your organization is in film or television production, technology services or any of the other booming industries in L.A., your business can benefit from various commercial AV integrations and advanced visualization solutions:

  • Audio visual integration - Integrated custom solutions allow you to meet specific collaboration requirements.

  • PowerWall Systems - This large-scale, ultra-high-resolution advanced visualization system offers the ability to display an expansive variety of complex media and content from a single source or multiple sources. A PowerWall system provides rich detail and exceptional clarity and color, making it an ideal solution for displaying large amounts of data.

  • Virtual-Reality Systems - Our virtual reality systems allow your company to simulate reality with a computer-generated environment, which also integrates with other IGI systems. Our VR Room offers a multi-sided automatic virtual environment. Here, high-resolution stereo content can be projected onto each of the walls, floor, and ceiling to transport users into a real-time 3D environment.

  • Corporate Audio Visual - Presentation, video conferencing, and digital signage systems allow teams of all sizes to collaborate, achieve goals, and communicate more effectively.

Commercial AV solutions like these make business workflows and processes more connected and efficient. Whether it’s digital film post-production projects or a corporate boardroom meeting, IGI designs and integrates custom solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our expert designers, engineers, and technicians leverage extensive industry experience and bleeding-edge technology to provide high-performance audio-visual solutions.

If you’d like to find out what IGI’s commercial AV and advanced visualization solutions can do for your Los Alamitos or Los Angeles area organization, explore IGI’s offerings today.

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