IGI Michigan office is located in Commerce Township

Detroit, MI

Although Detroit has long been known as the heart of the American automotive industry, the city has diversified into a number of other industries in recent years, including health care, defense, aerospace, IT, and logistics. While auto manufacturing still claims the highest regional employment numbers, other industries are quickly gaining ground.  

All of these companies need to keep pace with the technologies that give them a competitive edge in their respective industries, whether teams are in the same regional office or not. Regardless of the industry, there are huge benefits to be gained through the use of advanced visualization and AV system integrations.

In the auto industry, for example, the technologies powering manufacturing are evolving as quickly as the cars being produced.  That’s where the advanced visualization applications and world-class commercial AV solutions IGI provides in the Detroit region come into play, including:

  • Audio visual integration - Integrated custom AV solutions will help your team meet specific collaboration requirements.

  • PowerWall Systems - Large-scale, ultra high-resolution advanced visualization systems present a wide variety of media and content from single or multiple sources to display large amounts of complex data and imagery at once with rich detail, pure clarity and exceptional color fidelity.

  • Virtual Reality Systems - IGI’s virtual reality systems allows organizations to synthesize or replace reality with a computer-generated environment that integrates with other IGI systems. Our VR Room system offers a multi-sided automatic virtual environment where high-resolution stereo content can be projected onto each of the walls, floor, and ceiling to immerse single or multiple users in a real-time 3D environment.

  • Corporate Audio Visual - Presentation, video conferencing, and digital signage systems help teams collaborate, meet goals, and communicate more effectively.

Enhanced commercial AV solutions like these make globalized manufacturing a more connected and efficient process. Whether for car-model rendering, a corporate boardroom meeting or a mission-critical command center, IGI designs and integrates custom AV solutions to meet your requirements. Our expert designers, engineers, and technicians leverage extensive industry experience and bleeding-edge technology to provide high-performance audio-visual solutions, no matter what your businesses needs.

If you’d like to find out what IGI can do for your Detroit-area organization, explore our offerings today.

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