igi process

Automotive design on IGI PowerWindow


Through the years of industry expertise and successful installations, we've developed a meticulous process for providing the most creative and technologically advanced display solutions that has proven to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Proven Efficiencies

To maintain optimum quality and continued peak level performance of our systems, all product lifecycle stages, from design and build to integration and support, are performed by IGI's own skilled team of multi-disciplinary engineers, fabricators, programmers, installers and service technicians.

The graphic below illustrates a typical experience customers can expect for all advanced visualization projects. Commercial audio-visual projects may not require fabrication but follow a similar process.





















IGI Operations Process

Thorough consultation
Thorough initial consultation to evaluate specific customer requirements
Engineering exploration
Preliminary engineering exploration, concept validation and technology demonstration
Comprehensive Site Survey
Comprehensive Site Survey
System design and Engineering
System design and engineering
System fabrication
System fabrication, pre-assembly and testing at IGI
Pre-installation functional approval by customer at IGI
System installation and Training
System installation and training on-site
Preventative maintenance and Extended support
Preventative maintenance and extended support