Expert installation by IGI technicians


Installation is an important milestone and also a very exciting phase for the customer since it's the last step before they can start using their IGI display system productively.

Built to Specification

IGI advanced visualization systems are properly installed by our own knowledgeable and fully trained technicians with great professionalism. We start working in close collaboration with the customer's project and facility management teams long before we come in. This is to ensure all considerations have been taken into account in order to pave the way for a smooth and timely installation with minimum disruptions to the customer's operations. We demonstrate high respect for the customer's property and thoroughly clean after ourselves, often leaving the jobsite tidier than we found it.

Comprehensive Training and Deliverables

Upon completion of the installation, we conduct a complete system overview with the customer, train their staff and present them with full system drawings including floor plans, mechanical, electrical, functional flow and detailed schematic diagrams for their system acceptance.