How your IT department can secure a successful AV integration

Upgrading an organization with professional grade audiovisual equipment is a necessary step for many growing companies. Automotive companies, universities and even the military depend on professional AV integration to improve efficiency and collaboration in a given professional space. For those unfamiliar with how it works, it can seem like a lengthy, arduous process, but rest assured it doesn’t have to be. Practicing a few proactive measures before AV integration will help streamline the process, and it starts with the IT department.

Our latest ebook The IT Expert’s Guide To AV Integration is a how-to for IT members on preparing for AV integration. Collaboration between the IT department and AV technicians is key to cutting down on downtime and maximizing integration capabilities. With this guide, IT members will learn how to streamline the process through offering network expertise and anticipating potential impediments. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Proper security measures to take
  • How to determine bandwidth and POE limitations
  • How to ensure  wireless capabilities are in place
  • Considerations for the building's infrastructure 

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